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Our Courses

Bespoke training can be provided at our dedicated training and assessment centre or at the candidate’s place of work.

If you have a course in mind that is not listed below, please get in touch and we will do our best to facilitate it for you.

Land Management and Conservation

We are now offering courses designed to support farmers, land owners and managers comply with current environmental regulations and good practice. The training will enhance the ability of personnel to work safely, effectively and efficiently in the workplace, reducing unnecessary risks to the environment, themselves or others.  

Plant and Machinery

Tractors, telehandlers, ATVs and fork lift trucks are essential tools for many businesses. To use them effectively and safely, it is essential that operators are adequately trained. Courses are available for both novices and operators with more experience and are suitable for users in a wide range of industries and work environments.

Workshop Skills

Inexperience or carelessness in the use of essential workshop tools such abrasive wheels can be very dangerous. Courses are available aimed at novices and operators with more experience.

Pest and Disease Management

Pesticides such as herbicides, fungicides and rodenticides are widely used in land-based industries. Because they are potentially harmful substances, it’s essential that they are handled, applied and stored properly. Courses are available at foundation and advanced levels.

Forestry and Arboriculture

Forestry, estate maintenance and conservation activities involves knowledge and use of a wide range of tools and skills. The courses provide appropriate training in forestry and ground care equipment such as chainsaws, brushcutters and mowers.


Handling livestock requires skill and patience. Greenway Training offers a range of practical courses catering for farmers wishing to safely administer veterinary medicines through to equestrian competitors wishing to transport horses.

Health and Safety

Our courses in Health & Safety and First Aid focus on outdoor working and are suitable for workers in any industry.

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